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WTB: Sailor things!

Hello there!

So I'm looking to put together a sailor outfit :3 I'd prefer something Meta, because I adore their sailor things, but I will consider other brands. Brand or offbrand is fine. I'm looking for a skirt and cutsew, or an OP preferably in either navy, black, or white. I'm not super into JSKs, but I might consider one if I really like it. I prefer solids, but I would consider some prints, such as the Meta Marine Stripe.
Any other accessories such as jewelry or hats and headbows are fantastic, though I am more interested in handmade accessories than brand, because of the price.
I'm hoping to put this together for the beginning of school, so I do need to have everything by the August 26, so preferably no international sellers because of the time, sorry : (

Bust: 36"
Waist: 29"

My price limit is about $150 all together.

So, show me your things :3

Tags: !wtb, handmade, metamorphose
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