Areki, アレキサンダー, アレキ (kun_ta_ta) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Areki, アレキサンダー, アレキ

DS: Melty chocolate, milky chan,Sugary carnival replica,Bodyline,shoes size 26/26,5

Hi girls:)! I'm selling some things because i really need money for an animecon end this month. Here is my feedback: I will add the proof pictures of some items later! There are on my computer home and atm im not home so i'll have to ask my dad to send the pics to me^^' Shipping will be from the Netherlands. Please remember that shipping outside europe is expensive if it doesnt fit in an envelope I AM NOT INTERESTED IN TRADES Angelic pretty Melty chocolate bracelet Condition: worn, the heart charm is off :( SOLD
Angelic pretty Milky chan headband As new. But it broke during shipping. i fixed it with very stong glue and its almost not noticable SOLD

BTSSB cherry ribbon shirt I'm the second owner and i never wear it. Only tried on once. No rips or stains. 25 euros+shipping 54cm length 32cm shoulder width 78cm waist Bodyline sailor bolero(NOT THE WHOLE SET!) Never worn. But there is a little stain on it, i think its gone with a simple wash 15 euros+shipping Bodyline heels size 26. second owner, never worn by me.There are some black scratches on the sides. SOLD Montreal black cork boots size 26-26,5 Like new, im the first owner and i never wore them 30 euros +shipping Care bears sweater in blue first owner, never wore it. 25 euros +shipping
Sugary carnival Replica in lavender size S Waited like 3 months for this but i dont think i will wear it. The fabric is kinda thin, but since its a replica i guess it's normal. bust: 84cm Waist: 68cm length: 90cm It does has shirring so it will fit a few cms more. SOLD

Proof pictures:

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline
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