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DS/WTT: All Items Sold or Reposted


This is not an auction.
Trades are preferred. 
Otherwise, tell me if you don't like the price.  I'm trying to roll funds for a reserve.

* = Damaged or Scrap
** = Noted flaws or alterations
*** = Good, noticeably 2nd hand but no flaws visible
**** = Excellent
***** = NWT "new with tags" or NWOT "new without tags" or NIB "new in box" etc

Wishlist: http://www.flickr.com/photos/50003301@N05/sets/72157624072733648/
Trades are welcome but I ask if you offer me something to trade you say something SPECIFIC about why you are offering it. This will help me know that the items offered are something I could possibly like.
ex.  I'm offering this JSK because it is similarly styled to item #blah or wishlist blah I'd like to trade it for item #otherblah.

I've added "navy" and "strawberries" to my wardrobe recently so I'm extra interested in those themes. 

Shipping Estimates: $5-$22 domestic for priority, $18-35 internationally for first class
Please add more for possible pp fees, tracking or insurance

All Sold or Reposted

Terms of Sale

1) Payment: I prefer Paypal payments for the moment. People who live in Philly or NYC can arrange a face to face transaction or other payment possibilities. / Prices do not include possible fees which I calculate using this. / Payment must be received within three days of the invoice. Failure to pay may result in negative feedback. 

2) Holds: An item is claimed when someone offers full payment. COMMIT SINCERELY. Claiming an item and then backing out of the exchange will result in negative feedback. / If you need to ask a question please be sure to state you are seriously interested. Otherwise, you will be passed. / If there is only one person interested in an item we can negotiate a hold or payment plan.

3) Shipping: I am shipping from the US. Every package can have a tracking number! I will gladly ship to anywhere in the world but the liability for a lost or damaged package falls with the buyer. If you wish to purchase insurance it will be an additional $10+.

4) Currency: Prices are in USD. This can be converted by using xe.com. Understand that Paypal’s exchange rates are marginally different.

5) Feedback: I have positive feedback at (http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/272761.html). Please leave me feedback once the item has arrived. I will be sure leave feedback as well!

6) Trades: I am accepting trades in this post but make serious offers please.  I have been following lolita for years and I know what things worth on this market.  Please refer to this post for my wishlist items and other general trade colors and cuts. 
Color frequency in my wardrobe: (Black, Mint, Pink) > (Sax, Red. Brown) > (Yellow, Lavender, Orange)

7) Measurements: All measurements are amateur. If you need anything extra just ask :D Its no bother... I'm always girl-who-asks-for-measurements on sales posts.

8) Item condition: I do not smoke but I own a cat.  She is not allowed in my bedroom or near my lolita clothes. I will describe the condition as accurately as possible. Pictures are provided to help further show flaws or alterations. If you know of a pin/waist tie/accessory related to the item but not inclu

9) Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask anything else that comes to mind! I've provided a comment section to keep things organized.

10)Disclaimer: I reserve the right to decline a sale.

Tags: !ds, *plus size, *replica, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, candy violet, fanplusfriend, indie brand, innocent world, metamorphose, milky ange, moi-meme-moitie, offbrand, putumayo, r-series, rose melody, secret shop, shirley temple, taobao
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