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DS/DT; Putumayo, Metamorphose + older sales.


Older sales~
NWT, Putumayo socks.
Atelier Pierrot petti, red BL shoes, short blue wig, offtrand top, handmade head bow.

For trades, I only want things from my wishlist. I am not interested in anything else unless its cutsews from Putumayo~ I like cat prints or Alice in Wonderland prints the most! I dont mind if you show me anything that isnt on my wishlist though! <3

For international sellers, please leave your location and I will go to the post office to ask for an estimate.

Metamorphose, long sleeved, cream blouse. $67 shipped/tracked within the U.S.
I am the second owner and I have only tried it on for a few minutes. The first owner has worn it before but it is still in great condition. She also sewed the first few buttons tighter as the thread color is different from the original thread. Blouse has detachable waist ties and shirring in the back.

I am pointing to a small stain on the back, near the collar.

The shirring and detachable waist tie.

Putumayo, black, stripe vest, and bustle one piece. $200 shipped/tracked.
I am the first and have only tried it on for a few minutes. It is new with tags and has extra buttons. The The buttons on the vest work as well. There is shirring in the back and just like the name of the OP, its a vest so you tie the top around your neck. The reason why the price is a bit higher then the original price tag is because I paid shipping to get the OP so I am only trying to get back a bit of what I lost.

Up close on the print.

Tag and buttons.

The back. It has a bustle, but I am not sure how it is suppose to be used. You dont have to do a bustle as well, since it looks fine without it.

Up close on the back with shirring.

Worn pic. Is my face attractive? ;D!!

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