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!EA bodyline Sweet, Punk skirts and Plus-size friendly blouse

Hello EGL! Please note that all Prices listed here are in AUD. Australian buyeres Preferred. All the listings end in 6 days. Considering that bodyline's prices have increased, and that they have dropped DHL shipping, these items are cheap(er). All garments have hardly been worn. They have been sitting in my closet since I bought them. (Photos taken by my friend) Also, my friend is the one who has created the listing on ebay. So, technically I am posting this on her behalf... but I am willing to vouch for her. She is trustworthy, and has generously agreed to help sell, (package and post) my stuff by listing it on ebay, since it doesn't suit me. I'm a beginner lolita, so understanding what does and doesn't suit me, is just another lesson I'm learning. (..btw, this is my first post to livejournal, and an egl comm)

Location: Queensland, Australia

My Feedback: (No feedback as of yet)

My Friend's Feedback (on ebay):   

Fairy from the Forest - BODYLINE Sweet Print Skirt (Pink) - Starting bid $25



Length:  54cm Waist:  64-80cm (stretchy waist)


Stock Image:

Off -white 4L BODYLINE Blouse (No longer available on bodyline's website) - Starting bid $30 Link:

Measurements:Length: 60cm

Bust: 104cm Shoulder to shoulder: 39cm Sleeve length: 26.5cm

Stock Image:

BODYLINE punk skirt. No longer available on Bodyline's site  - Starting bid $25


This skirt has a full elastic waist. Bodyline's website said it could fit up to 100cm waist. I'd say it's short on me, but bare in mind that I'm tall. (like 170+ cm? )

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