luckybug (dandelion_cloud) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DA: Alice and the Pirates cutsew OP

I'm putting for auction this cutsew dress by Aatp:

I have bought it here with a supposedly broken zipper, but my husband could fix the zipper with no problems and it's working fine again, though I suggest not to open the last few cm so it doesn't happen again. The zipper is long enough to make a larger end part not even necessary anyways. :)
Besides of that, it is in very good condition, has gorgeous cotton lace around the collar and the sleeves and is incredibly comfortable to wear. It is indeed a stunning dress, but it just doesn't suit me as I hoped it would.

bust measured flat, unstretched: 41cm
underbust measurement at the black ribbon: 37cm
full length: 91cm

Starting bid: 20€
Winner: krikri_chan  (45€)

Please place your bids in 5€ steps. The auction ends on Wednesday, August 17th, at 20:00 middle european time.

International shipping including tracking and insurance will be 18,50€ because the dress is rather heavy. If the shipping happens to be cheaper for some reason, I refund the difference. I don't charge paypal fees.

my feedback (100% positive):
Tags: !da, alice and the pirates
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