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DS: Liz Lisa, Imai Kira

Please Read This First!

★Paypal only!
★Prices include both paypal fees and shipping - what you see is what you pay
All items are completely brand-new
★I am not responsible for lost mail - please purchase tracking if you're worried about that
★Priority goes to whoever posts the order form first and can pay right away
★I am willing to consider reasonable offers
★Feedback can be found at my journal here and at eglfeedback here
★Please ask if you have any questions!

Please use this form to order:

★Item(s) wanted - (list item names)
★US or International - (list your location)
★Total price - (add up the prices of the items)
★Paypal address - (leave the address I should invoice)

ONLY use this form if you are 100% sure you want to buy the items!
Thank you.

Imai Kira Postcards

Please specify which you would like (pink or purple).

$5.60 each to US/$7.20 each international


Liz Lisa Cardigan

button detail
lace detail
max bust/waist - app. 34"
could accommodate a larger bust size if left unbuttoned

$45 to US/$50 international $36 to US/$40 international

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