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You can find my eglfeedback page here.
I also have personal sales feedback here on my journal

FOUND MY DREAM MM OP. Thank you all for your offers!

I am looking to buy either one OP and or JSK, a blouse and bolero. Possible one or two winter items.
I am a classic Lolita, so classic items only please.

Colors I am looking and prefer are kinari/ivory, chocolate/ dark brown, dusty pink, greens. I prefer darker jewel tones and no prints usually, but I am open to looking at some. I LOVE floral prints ♥ At this time I am looking to avoid black items, but I may consider one or two.

I am open to higher end offbrand (No bodyline please), taobao brands, handmade (as long as they are well made, lined ex) replica brand items and less expensive brand items (I love MM, VM, JetJ, IW. Am open to btssb aatp meta classic style items.). Please be mindful that I am on a budget. I would be very open to buying a brand op if someone is willing to do a small payment plan with me.(MM, VM, JetJ,IW would be preferred for this)

My measurements are
Bust: 84.4cm (34inch)
Waist: 66cm (26inch)
Hips: 88.9 cm (35inch)
Height: 162.56 (5'4'') (Please note I like longer length items because I am all leg D: )

I do have some items I would love to buy, but I will gladly look at other items that fit what I am looking for, written above.
I will only buy one or two of the follow, depending on price.

(Long version only please)

I would absolutely die if someone was willing to part with one of these jsks or ops, and if they were willing to do a small payment plan on it!

I have a few items for sale here: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/15837559.html
Tags: !wtb, *replica, any brand, dear celine, fanplusfriend, hmhm, indie brand, infanta, innocent world, juliette et justine, lief, mary magdalene, mew, offbrand, r-series, rose melody, taobao, victorian maiden
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