gloomybear_cult (gloomybear_cult) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Attention Seller kittybabe76

I bought Twinkle mermaid from kittybabe76  about 6 weeks ago and its has still yet to arrive. Now she is from the UK and I am in the states so I did expect it to take some time. She said she shipped it and that she would email me the shipping receipt but I never recieved an email. I paid as a personal payment which I have now learned my lesson to never do and feel quite stupid for doing it in the first place. So I cannot file a paypal claim. I am hoping that someone knows her and can get in contact with her for me.Also I fear that I have been scammed and was wondering if anyone else ever had a problem like this and what they did to handle it.
Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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