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DS: Cosmates Dress, Gothic Jacket, Pink Loli Skirt, Pink and White shoes

Hello this is my first post on the EGL sales community, I apologize if I do something wrong! ^^;; <3

I am shipping from New York, in the USA.
Prices are negotiable.
No smoke or pets have been around my clothes.

My Feedback Page: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1436263.html

Cosmates Pink Dress $45
There is a zipper on the right side of the top, it fit me in College when I was 160lbs but now I am 180lbs and it won't close. I'm guessing the waist is around 70-75cm. Has a couple tiny spots of dirt on one sleeve and under the bow in the back, but you can't see without looking close.

Gothic Jacket from ANGEL SECRET $30
Size XL

Pink Loli Skirt $25
Can fit plus size. I love it but I'm really short and it's just too long for me.

Pink and White Loli Shoes $50
I really don't want to part with these adorable shoes, but my toes squish into the front of the shoe when I wear them. I'd say these are a size 245-250cm or 7.5-8 US. Hope you can enjoy them more than I could!

Thank you so much, have questions just comment! Have fun shopping! :D
~ Sweetly Adorables <3

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