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DT/DS: Black Innocent World JSK.

My Feedback:
Location: North Carolina
Shipping: I absolutely want *Shipping confirmation* option. No exceptions.
Trades Feedback: I'm sorry, at this time I only feel comfortable trading with someone who already has positive feedback.
PAYPAL: Paypal only if we decide on a partial trade

I'm looking to trade my Black Innocent World JSK. I love, loooove this dress, but it's actually a little big for me.
I am 5'4" , (b-34, w-25 ) The dress comes perfectly to my knees, but the bust, waist and under arm area are a tad too big for me ( a little gap is there when I wear it). The shoulder straps also tend to slip a little. If you are sincerely interested, I could take any measurements you may need.

I believe it would be best fitted for a lolita taller than me. It has only been worn a few times, once by my friend (who is 5'11" , and it fit her like a charm) and is in perfect condition. The ribbon in the lace at the bottom of the dress needs to be adjusted sometimes because of movement, but this is not a flaw.

I am NOT looking to sell. But if a trade is not found in a suitable amount of time I may be willing to part with it for a fair price. Proof is rilakkuma: 

  (I sew very often, so you can see a few cottons threads on the dress in the last photo. I will lovingly and carefully remove all tiny white threads like the ones you see in this photo before shipping).

For Trades, I am interested in the following (however, I am not limited to these~! I may also be interested in more sweet items as well, so please feel free to share if you think you have something that appears to suit my tastes)

1. Metamorphose BISCUIT Halter~! ( I didn't see this on Hellolace, only the deteachable front piece version. )

(  - the photo was uploaded to my own photobucket, this url is for the hello lace page)

3. A Winter Coat

4. Partial trade for a brand Bunny hoodie.

5. Something in red

6. OR other items similar to my dress. Especially Older Metamorphose prints/embroideries.I don't mind simplicity, and I love versitility (deteachable sleeves?).  Not so much looking for pink. I am open to more Kuro-loli choices as well. Anything that appears "old-sweet" will probably appeal to me. Lavender is a plus++.  I'm not too big on a lot of shirring.

7. Baby's Tulip Celebration JSK (I'd love it with the cardigan/jacket)

Thank you for looking ~!
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