Holly (kokoro) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Red or red x white OP for guro lolita. ALSO INTERESTED IN BODYLINE ITEMS.

I'm looking to buy a red or red x white OP (possibly a JSK, but I prefer OPs) for a sweeter style guro coord rather than all out grotesque. XD Initially I had been looking for white pieces but after a google search I discovered a number of cute guro coords utilizing red or red x white. Example pics of what I'm looking for:

I will also consider pure white OPs/JSKs and white aprons.

And as stated, I'm also interested in seeing Bodyline items people have for sale, particularly sweet OPs/JSKs.

Feedback here.

Bust: 33 inches (83.8 centimeters)
Waist: 28.5 inches (72.4 centimeters)
Hip: 36 inches (91.4 centimeters)
Tags: !wtb, bodyline, metamorphose
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