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WTB: Headbows, headware and accessories

Generic read me stuff:

* my feedback can be found on
egl fb and on my journal
* location: Toronto
* i do direct paypal, cash in hand or email transfer

* please let me know the currency and shipping prices
** I will only pay for items with tracking on the shipping**
** i'm not really looking for links to mbok or yj**

WTB ^_^

vanilla chan headbow
i'd prefer the lavender but i'd also go with pink ^_^

french cafe headbow in blue (only looking for blue)

SNT top hat in blue (might also look at black too)

i'm not sure how to describe this next request lol i'm looking for AP pins and brooches..

so here is an example of what i mean..

(me wearing ap pin ~ i think from fruits parlor)

broach i just bought from lolicakes (i'm not sure if this his her photo i found in via google)

I'm also still looking for Aqua Princess JSK set in any colour but sax ^_^

thank you for looking ^_^!

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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