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DS: Bodyline, Offbrand, Montreal, Vintage

Time to clean out my closet and hopefully find a home for some of my items.

Rules of Sales:
* I only accept paypal, whomever places their paypal address first gets the item
* Generally I ship to the U.S. only since it can get pricey, especially shoes (All shipping included is to the U.S)
* I've posted all of the measurements but if you need any more let me know
* I'm currently staying at my parents so I'll be shipping all my items from 02045
* My feedback is here My Feedback

1. Bodyline Pink JSK $35 with Shipping Included

I bought this secondhand, only worn s a few times. IT has shirring to make it go bigger and also can be tightened to take it in.

Bust: 30 to 36 inches
Waist: 30 inches
Length: 37 inches

2. Vintage JSK $40 with Shipping Included
loose thread Missing Button Extra Button

I bought this at a secondhand shop and just loved the print. Sadly I've been trying to fit into it for a while and I'm not that close. So I decided to give it a good home. There is a loose thread on it and a missing button but the extra button is actually pinned to the back. So you can sew it on yourself, I don't have thread to match it and I didn't want to make it look tacky. This does not have shirring and is one size

Bust: 32 inchse
Waist: 28 inches
Length: 37 inches

3. Blue White Peacock JSK $15 with Shipping included

I bought his at a convention years ago. Only worn once. It's a good starter JSK. It's pretty stretchy so it can go a little bigger.

Bust: 34 to 38 inches
Waist: 36 inches
Length: 34 inches

4. Offbrand Black Skirt $15 Including Shipping

Worn a few times, is too big for me now, does not have shirring on it, one size.
Waist: 38 inches
Length: 32 inches

5. Pink Crocheted Bolero (Size:L) $8 with shipping included

I have had this for a while, I haven't worn it much due to it being too hot in the desert.
Bust: 32 inches to 37 inches

6. Offbrand Pink Lace Bolero (Size:M) $15 with shipping included

I only wore this twice, It's from Guess.
Bust: 34 inches to 38 inches

7. Pink and White Montreal Shoes (Size:7) $30 With Shipping Included
Scuff on left shoe Scuff on right shoe Missing part on strap

These shoes are a bit used and have a few scuffs and imperfections. They have not been worn much by me, not sure of the previous owner. The top ankle strap attaches using velcro and they can be removed.

If you have any questions let me know. I'll be on and off all day. Feel free to haggle as well, I need these items gone! :)
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