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DS: 3 Brand headpieces, offbrand necklace, ITS black blouse, Demonia boots


~A Few Things~
-all sales final
-paypal only
-ask me about international shipping
-I know there are a lot of NYC lolitas so if one of you doesn't want to pay the shipping price I can give the item(s) to you in person :)
-I'm going to Boston, MA in a couple weeks so if you want to pick up the items there let me know
-I forgot to add my name on a post it to some of the items - if you want another pic with proof, let me know
-ask me if you have any questions about the items or if you want more pictures, etc
-I have cats

#1: BTSSB Headdress (Sax) - $20 + $3 shipping  SOLD!

#2: Metamorphose Headdress (White) - $20 + $3 shipping
-I'm the second owner, but I've only worn it once or twice, so it is still great condition


detail of the middle

detail of the bow

#3: Innocent World Strawberry Jam Clip (Pink) - $35 + $3 shipping
-bought at Tokyo Rebel for $40, worn a couple times. This has a reversible print!
link to item on IW's site:


middle piece with clip can be turned around

#4: Demonia Boots - $60 + $10 shipping
-worn a couple times

#5: In the Starlight black shirred blouse - $30 + $5 shipping SOLD!

#6: Offbrand faux pearl necklace - $5 + $2 shipping
-never worn except to try on

link to previous sale:

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, in the starlight, innocent world, metamorphose, offbrand
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