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!WTB / !DT: shoes yay

hey girls! i'm looking for more lolita shoes in size L / 24.5 cm / 7.5 US / 38-39 EU; specifically: tea parties, most of bodyline's shoes, heart buckles (replica ok), boots, classic heels / oxfords in these specific colors:

- pink (all shades considered)
- mint (old-school mint, not mixed with sax)
- brown
- black

please, keep them lolita-specific (so, no offbrand mary janes). i'll also be happy to look at some more deco-type sneakers from swimmer, or specifically AP engineer boots / sneakers, but i'll be unlikely to buy anything high-ticketed at this time. in the interest of economy, and the fact that i wear my shoes very harshly, i'm looking more at shoes from SS and an*tai*na. my budget depends on condition and style.

some things i have to trade: - liz lisa & swimmer watches; lady rose skirt in mint - swimmer headphones & AP mirror


thanks! ^^ x
Tags: !dt, !wtb, any brand, bodyline, secret shop, taobao
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