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DS: Clearance Sales Post - 15 items, all brand. All new items or reductions on previous items!

- Location is Auckland, New Zealand
- Feedback
- Paypal ONLY
- No pets, non smoking.
- Serious offers only
- Measurements taken lying flat then doubled - not very professional at this, sorry!
- Measurements are taken after lacing up ribbons are detached, please ask if you are unsure!

Shipping Information:
- I ship from New Zealand
- I can ship immediately
- Not responsible for damages or if package is lost
- Please let me know if you have specific sending instructions
- Not responsible for customs fees.

My proof will be the pale tartan checked sheets :)

Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly OP - BLACK - SOLD
- Built-in petti, detachable waist ties, dot tulle lace, pearl buttons

Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlor JSK BLACKxPINK
- partially shirred, detachable waist ties, POCKETS, fully lined, built-in petti, adjustable straps,, sparkle print, badge

Note: One of the few AP prints in one of the few colorways with a glittered print..also includes a detachable badge.

Bust: up to 90cm
Waist: up to 84cm
Length: 88cm from top of strap (please remember the straps are adjustable).

Condition: Excellent condition, never been worn.
Price: US $245 + free international shipping 295

BTSSB Mother Goose's Starry Night Sky JSK CREAM SOLD
Partially shirred, detachable waist ties

- detachable sleeves, apron and separate petticoat included, extremely hard to find - real old school :)

Note: I can't remember the exact year this print came out, but it was released at least 4 years ago, and is extremely hard to find, especially in this red op version.

Bust: 90cm max
Waist: 72cm max
Length: 87cm from top of back to hem

Condition: Good condition, it doesn't feel starchy-new anymore, but there are no faults with the op; sleeves are in great condition. The petticoat is in brand-new condition, as is the apron.
Price: US $310 + free international shipping (normally $15) $390

- partial shirring, fully lined, lacing. Rare print, extremely hard to find - real old school :)

BTSSB Cherry Ribbon Sundress OP BLACK SOLD
- shoulder straps, removable front bow, detachable waist ties, tulle lace hem, grosgrain ribbons on hem.

Innocent World - Pink Rose Lace OP SOLD
- fully lined, detachable waist ties, detachable sleeves, original sales tag.

Partially shirred, detachable waist ties, cross over (and adjustable) straps, halter straps, fully lined, scalloped hem.

Innocent World Classical Chair JSK Long
- separate capelet, detachable ribbon waist tie, fully lined

Note: The print has different pictures of chairs as well as short descriptions of what they are for. The color of the dress overall is a very light pastel-y peach pink.

Bust: 82cm
Waist: 68cm
Length: 108cm from top of strap to hem

Condition: Excellent condition, never been worn. (Just a bit wrinkly >.<)
Price: US $170 + free international shipping

Innocent World Box Pleated Bow JSK GREY SOLD
- box pleats, fully lined, easily adjustable straps.

BTSSB Chandelier Flocky High-Waisted Skirt
- partially shirred, lacing on both sides, rose buttons, chandelier design in flocky, fully lined and built-in petti.

Note: the lighting suddenly changed when I was taking these photos, they are a little lighter than the true color of the skirt. The skirt is actually about the shade of the ribbons in the second photo.

Waist: 72cm
Length: 62cm including lace at hem.

Condition: Excellent condtion, just tried on.
Price: US $95 + free shipping (normally $15) $130

AP Pink Side Frill OP

- halter straps, fully elastic sleeves, waist ties, built in petti, fully lined,

Note: The side frills and built-in petti give you enough volume that you probably don't need a petti underneath at all (or at the most, a very slight one).

Bust: 84cm
Waist: 73cm
Length: 89cm from top of shoulder.

Condition: Very good condition, only tried on twice, been hanging in closet ever since.
Price: US $130 + free international shipping

AP Pink Ribbon JSK
- built in petti, detachable waist ties, full back shirring, fully lined.

Note: The full back shirring makes this dress really comfortable and quite forgiving. The measurements are not absolute max.

Bust: 90cm
Waist: 79cm
Length: 92cm from top of shoulder to hem.

Condition: Excellent condition, never worn.
Price: US $160 + free international shipping

ETC Black Polka Dot JSK with netting
- adjustable shoulder straps, durable fabric, awesome floaty net skirt thing.

Note: The fabric is quite substantial and has a little bit of a stretch to it, making it very comfortable and suitable for everyday wear. The net skirt is independent of the dress, so it floats in the breeze.

Bust: 82cm
Waist: 73cm
Length: 92cm from top of shoulder to hem of actual dress, a few cm longer for the netting

Condition: Excellent condition, never worn.
Price: US $155 + free international shipping

Priority goes to whomever can pay first.
Payment plans and holds are available, but due to a high number of buyers who have backed out, I require a minimum of 10% deposit before any holds or payment plans.

Thank you!!!

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