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!DS&Updates: Custom House, Secret Shop, Infanta, Dream of Lolita, Loris, Petticoat

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Dear Celine

Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat I & Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat II stock has come in. The 2nd version is poofier than the first version.

Version I

Version II

Custom House

A nice new Cream PU fabric is now available for Custom House Shoes.

Calfskin leather is now available in Light Pink

Secret Shop

Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Model 9807 Navy & Wine Group Order/Pre-Order Reminder

We will need 8 more orders for Navy and Wine to close this group order/pre-order.
>They are still available in stock in the rest 10 colours and 4 sizes.

Large Sized Secret Shop Shoes Model 9817 Group Order/Pre-Order Reminder

Pink has been added into this group order/pre-order)
Sizes: LL(25cm), 3L(25.5cm), 4L(26.5cm), 5L(27.5cm)
Colours: White, Black, Brown, Wine & Pink

Secret Shop Short Boots Model 9701 Pre-Order Reminader

We will need 8 more orders for size LL(25cm) and 3L(25.5cm);
New colours have been added to this pre-order: Light Pink with White Fur, Red with White Fur, White with White Fur, Wine with White Fur

Secret Shop Boots Model 9822
There are a few leftovers at the moment. Please check the page for stock condition.

Secret Shop Boots Model 9502
There are a few leftovers at the moment. Please check the page for stock condition.


Infanta Striped Sailor Style One Piece
Infanta Sweet Camellia Summer One Piece
Infanta Sunflower Summer One Piece

Dream of Lolita

Dream of Lolita Vampire Requiem Series
Dream of Lolita Vanilla-Chan Series


Loris Double Sided Heart Shaped Handbag
Loris Sweet Cream Cake Shoulder Bag
Loris Dream Star Handbag

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Form. To make an order, please download and fill out the Order Form and email it as attachment to info[at]clobbaonline[dot].com
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