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!DS: 2 Super Cheap Basic Bodyline Blouses! (SOLD)

EGL Feedback page:

This is my first-ever sales post! YAY! :D

These are some Bodyline blouses that I bought through the sales comm that didn't quite fit into my wardrobe. Since I need some cash for college books, I decided that maybe it's time for me to let go of them. I'm the second owner for both, so I'm selling them super cheap. First to leave their paypal gets the item/s. I'll ship in the next 24 hours if you pay right away.

They're $20 shipped each or $30 shipped (First Class) for both in the US. Or give me your best offer! For international buyers, we'll talk about it. :)

Short sleeved ribbon blouse (M)

Proof pics:

Measurements from the Bodyline website:
Bust: 86cm
Shoulder length: 34cm
Sleeve length: 24cm
Length: 53cm
It also has corset lacing on the back so you can make it smaller

This looks almost new! However, I removed two of the bows from the blouse, but I can reattach them again if you wish. There are little holes that were left on the blouse, but these are really unnoticeable and you could probably iron them out if you wished.

Pic of the damage:

Long sleeved white blouse (M)

I can't find a stock photo or measurements from the Bodyline site, but I am a 34" bust and 29" waist and it doesn't fit snuggly.  I bought this second-hand and never worn by me, but there is a bit of a worn feeling to it too. The bow is detachable.

Thanks a lot for looking!  :D
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