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Direct sale! BRAND PRICED TO SELL!! Also! Introducing new independent brand Icing Sugar! & AFC!

My feedback:

Not looking to trade or take offers at the moment!

Heart E bear ear fleece. SOLD <3

(+1 close up of head bow)

Commissioned from chiaki_ayumi quite a significant while ago now... I've had this dress for years and I've decided it doesn't fit me. I've only tried it on a few times and each time I thought it was too tight on my waist and the bodice is too long for my stubby torso and fat bum. I don't have the time to change it, evidently.

Comes with a nice big bow on an alice band too :3 The bow on the waist is detachable so you can move it or take it off completely, also has cross over neckties, buttons on the shoulder straps to change the length or cross them over, shirred in the back, high quality cluny lace on hem, FANTASTICALLY MADE!!! In brand new condition.

Bust up to 34"
Waist would be comfy on 27"

£58.68 in UK/£64.76 in Europe/£66.41 rest of world

Oh yes much less than what I commissioned it for. Brilliant :(
Please respect that and don't make a lower offer on this item.

(+1 close up of print)

Putumayo "splatter house" screen printed velveteen cutsew.

Yet another item I really love but just haven't worn enough to keep :/ damn what's wrong with me? I wear loli every day yet some things have managed to get neglected :( This cutsew is still in really good condition and I've priced it to sell!

Fits really nicely, probably best for under 36" bust :)

£23.68 in UK/£29.76 in Europe/£31.41 rest of world

(+1 close up of fabric)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright pink cherry cutsew skirt... SO cute but I've never worn it apart from trying it on. It's practically brand new *sigh*

Anyway, the fabric is woven with a lovely cherry design and the waist is fully elasticated so it's very comfy.

Waist is completly elastic and will comfortably fit up to a 30" waist at least.

£38.68 in UK/£44.76 in Europe/£46.41 rest of world

Itroducing new independent brand!

Icing Sugar by decorarockstar on etsy

Icing Sugar is a cute style and sweet lolita brand ♥ specialising in printed, cute clothes and one~of~a~kind jewellery to make you feel like a princess and make the world a prettier place ♥ Everything is handmade, with a lot of love, in the UK :)

Here are the first items available for sale on my etsy!

Sweet Tea Party Argyle babydoll JSK in pink


Pearl Drop Glitter Star necklace


Tea time necklace


Sweet Ribbon necklace


Tea time ribbon necklace


Vanilla ice cream scoop ring


Pink gingham short bloomers


Tea time love heart short bloomers


I am also available for commission in regards to garment construction, pattern cutting and surface pattern design! PM or comment or whatever if you're interested :3
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