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DS/DT: R-Series, Bodyline, Pettie Angel, Accessorie


-Terms of sale-
All buyers must read the terms of sales and understand my sales rules.

  • I take payments via paypal both C.C and non C.C.
  • I do not charge paypal fees.
  • No E-checks, personal checks, concealed cash, or money orders please.
  • All prices in USD and must be paid in USD.
  • Prices do not including shipping fees.
  • Serious buyers only. Please do not waste my time.
  • Buyers with allergies, please be aware that I do own two dogs.
  • I will make sure all items are cleaned, pressed, and free of dog hair before shipping.
  • Buyer must pay for item within 24hours, or item goes to next person who wishes to buy.
    Any buyer who does not pay within 24 hours and does not contact me with the reason why no payment was made, will be left negative feedback.
  • Buying is based on first come first serve. Sale will go to the person who leaves their paypal first.
  • I will not do holds or payment plans at this time.
  • No price haggling.
  • I will always take more pictures upon request.
  • All sales are final. No refunds or returns.
  • I will consider trade for items of equal value and quality, or partial trades. For trades I am currently looking for:
                             Classic style blouse or bolero. 
                             Classic Jsk, Op, Skirt
                             Classic Bonnet, Shoes, tights.

                             Colors I am looking for are kinari/ivory, chocolate/ dark brown, dusty pink, greens.
                             I prefer darker jewel tones and no prints unless they are floral.
                             I would really love some winter season items.

                             A taobao brand/offbrand item of equal value off my wishlist: http://mrs-gackt-camui.livejournal.com/23705.html

Shipping Info
  • I will ship no later than 5 days after payment is received.
  • I ship USPS priority within the US.
  • I ship all items with tracking numbers which cost an extra .70¢ on top normal shipping fees.
  • If you would like a different shipping method please let me know.
  • Shipping Internationally will vary in cost, depending on the size of the item. Please expect higher cost, as shipping internationally is expensive. I will do my best to get you the lowest price possible.
  • I do recommend all buyers get insurance for their items. It is not required but highly recommended.
  • I will not/can not be held responsible for any lost packages, sorry.

You can find my eglfeedback page here.
I also have personal sales feedback here on my journal.

Other Information
My Measurements for reference:
Bust: 84.4cm (34inch)
Waist: 66cm (26inch)
Hips: 88.9 cm (35inch)
Height: 162.56 (5'4'')

When buying please fill out the following form in either a comment here or a private message.
(If you do not fill out this forum, I will not process the sale and it will go to the next person)
Shipping method:

R-Series Return of Fantasy IX Mademoiselle Blouse size M
A beautiful blouse in excellent condition with no damages.
It is very sheer and great for summer weather.
I find it too snug on me so I wish to trade it for a size L version of this blouse.
I will consider trading it for another blouse/bolero or selling it as well.

Measurements from R-Series
Shoulder: 38cm
Bust: 88cm
Waist: 68cm
Length: 58cm

I find these measurements inaccurate as I am a 84cm bust and 66cm waist and
it fits snugly on my creating some pulling. I recommend this blouse for someone who is a bit smaller
than my personal measurements.


Bodyline Love Nadia in Sax
I traded for this skirt a short while ago, but I find that it really doesn't suit me as I imagined it would.
It is in perfect condition, and is just missing the ribbon of the lacing in the back. I received it this way.

Measurements from Bodyline
Length: 64cm

Waist: 64-80cm


Petite Angel Blouse
In good condition with some slight wear around the button holes.
Square neck design with a corset back to allow for different sizes.
This blouse is great for classic and gothic styles.

*was $40*

Measurements laid flat:
Bust: Max 40.6cm (16inches) Min 33cm (13inch)
Waist: Max 35.6cm (14inch) Min 27.9cm (11inch)
Length: 50.8cm (20inch)

Small Bodyline Bows
In perfect condition. Have a pin in the back.
12cm wide, 10cm long
Price: $8 SALE

Black Gothic Choker
In perfect condition.
Lace section 30cm long, 5cm wide.
Price: $15

Forever 21 Flower headband
In very good condition with slight piling on the band.
Will be trimmed up before being mailed.
Flowers are quite large.


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