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AFC Head Dresses

My rules:

- Paypal Only, I will accept cash if you are willing to meet me.
- Returns are only granted if I made the mistake, Please buy carefully, I do the best to represent the colors that I have but monitors do vary. I try to take the pictures in natural light for the best outcome.
- I do take rush orders, there is a fee involved for this. Please message me for more information
- US Buyers:
   -Shipping is a flat rate of $3 for everything that will fit in my 4x4x4 box. For items not needing a box (such as the headbands) please request a shipping quote. Items are shipped First Class with delivery confirmation. Tracking and insurance is extra, please message me for a quote. First class generally takes 2-6 days depending on how far you live from me.
-International Buyers:
   - I will have to calculate shipping. I will try to quote you the correct amount before you commit.
   - Payments will be made in US dollars
- Buyers are responsible for all Paypal fees, this is already built into my prices.
- All shipping materials are 100% recyclable


EGL feedback for my shop
Personal EGL feedback

I make head dresses, I can do replicas but prefer to make you a unique head dress that no one else has. I work with you to find the perfect lace and accessories for your head dress and will not stop looking for the perfect ones until you are happy. Prices depend solely on the materials used. I generally keep head dresses from $20-$30. If you have a specific budget in mind then please let me know right away and I will stay in your budget.

This is a replica of a Mary Magdelene head dress, I still have enough lace to make one more head dress that is smaller in size. This particular head dress the customer wanted it larger to look more like a veil and wanted different flowers instead of roses.

This is a BTSSB inspired head dress. It was not meant to be replica but was the spring board for this head dress. I have enough for one more head dress of the same size.

These are both head dresses I have created that are not replicas or inspired by a brand design.

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