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DS: Milky Ange spiderweb and buckle dress and black blouse.

Feedback (currently blank because the last time I sold something here I actually sold it on egl good God y'all):

Basically I'm copying and pasting an eBay auction that went nowhere, so if it looks familiar, don't worry, I'm not an evil robot, I'm just kind of lazy.

Also SHIPPING: I'm going to use USPS flat rate boxes because I don't know how much things weigh and I'm easily flustered. If you live in or are willing to travel to Salt Lake City or nearby (I'm drawing the lines for my own roving at Poinna tha Mou'n and Bountiful) I'll discount the shipping cost ($10 for the dress, $5 for the shirt) and hand the item over to you in person. I've got time.

Also payment to be conducted by PayPal unless you want to meet me and pay in cash, that'd work out pretty awesome.

Two-piece spiderweb dress by Milky Ange, XL. $75

The pride and joy of my meager EGL collection, alas much too small. I think I bought this five or six years ago, and I don't think I've seen it on anyone else. The dress is actually two dresses, as you can see: a sleeveless over-dress and an underdress with black cobweb lace.

OVERDRESS: Made of a sort of matte heavy satin with brass buckles and grommets. Closes with four buckles at the bust. Skirt is composed of seven panels, which lace together for about six inches down the hips with black ribbon and brass grommets. Unlined.

UNDERDRESS: Made of a light cotton with spiderweb lace puff sleeves and ruched spiderweb lace overlay at the bust. Also has a row of cotton non-spiderweb lace at the bust. The extremely full skirt is three tiers, with little cotton ruffles between each tier. Hidden zipper up the back. There are loops at the back for a ribbon to tighten the dress, but I have no idea where the ribbon went. The dress is fully lined in something like a sheer chiffon.


(Taken FLAT - so double where appropriate)


Bust: 20" - 21.5"

Waist: 18" - 20"

Hips: Free.


Bust: 22"

Waist: 20"

Hips: Free.

Length from neckline to hem: 32"

Nothing is stretchy, so consider the maximum measurements listed the actual maximum measurements.


Elegant Gothic Aristocrat blouse by Milky Ange, XL. $45

Very detailed, very well-made shirt by Milky Ange. The collar and cuffs are pintucked and lined with cotton lace - no synthetic lace whatsoever. The shirt closes with shiny black dome buttons. I sewed the cuff shut at its very extreme edges, as pictures, because otherwise it wouldn't button over my wrists. I figured this might be helpful to you, so I left it that way, but if you want I can unpick the stitches for you. The shirt comes with a detachable cravat, which is trimmed in the same lace as the collar, and which closes with a snap.


(Taken FLAT - so double where appropriate)

Bust: 21.5"

Length from collar to hem: 22"
Length of sleeves exclusive of cuff: 21"

Length of sleeves inclusive of cuff: 26"

Width of sleeve at wrist (as currently sewn): 5"


Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to haggle.

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