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DS: Brand new pink Baby the Stars Shine Bright Dessert OP

I went on a business trip to San Francisco last week, and of course I visited the Baby store. While there I impulse bought this Dessert OP in a delirium of sickness, which wasn't the best idea considering I haven't bought anything from Baby in over seven years, and I don't wear sweet lolita. It is a really cute dress, but it doesn't suit me at all. This OP has never been worn (I only bought it four days ago), but they did remove the tags when I bought it. If you want proof that it is that new I can scan the receipt.

  • Baby the Stars Shine Bright Dessert OP

  • I bought the pink version, the yellow stock photos are from Hello Lace to show the details

  • Size: 91cm bust, 84cm high waist

  • Material: The dress is 100% cotton, both outer material and lining, and made in Japan

  • View my feedback here

  • Price: I'd like get something close to the $215 I paid + shipping (I will calculate shipping depending on where you live)

  • Payment method: Paypal only, no personal payments

  • I ship from Seattle, WA USA

  • View the Hello Lace entry here

Proof of Ownership:

Stock Photos:

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright
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