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DS/ AFC : Upadates ~ The Snow Field Wristcuff(on sale), Straw Hat

My feedbak :
Shipping from GA, USA
I have 4 cats. I try  to remove every single fur before I ship but I can't help some furs keep attach.. >_<

Give paypal address first has proiority :)

Shipping fee : 4 for US(with tracking), 6 for International first class

Mini Straw hats

Strawberry mini hat - 15 usd
more information and pictures

Bride's dream hat - 25 usd
more information and pictures

Picnic mini hat - 12
more information and pictures

Rainbow sugar mini straw hat - 12

more information and pictures

DS for Wristcuff
I lowered price becasue I want to find them an owner and start make new one ^^

Key and Lock wrist cuff - 25 -> 20  sold out

Lady Lavender - 32 -> 25

Bloody Cherry - 28 -> 23 - bloody-cherry-wrist-cuff-for-egl-lolita

Pink lady in the night - 28-> 23

Commisions for Wristcuff

Price range 25~35 up to the color mix of lace and charms.

The Snow Field wrist cuff is made from hand-dyed lace. 
Previous costumers all very satisfied with wristcuff :)  I'm very confident at my work.  
Tags: !afc, !ds, indie brand
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