neihra (neihra) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Ds! Metamorphose and more Honey picnic,blommers,bags,necklaces, skirts, tales of wood %

My feedback:
- I ship from Germany
- I prefer EU buyer
- Shipping not included in the price
- I prefer Paypal (PP fees not included in the price)
- I dont have pets i don't smoke
- Prices are in euro
- for more pics ask^^
and sorry for my bad englisch^^´
Pls no trades <3 thank you
HOws leave the paypal add it first !!

1. Metamorphose Blommer Creme 50 Euro new with tag

2 Metamorphose bag Pending..

3. Offbrand headbow with ears 10euro

much reduced older sale
Metamorphose Honey picnic skirt 110euro ( i co not under 100euro) but by interesst pls ask
Metamorphose tales of wood new 120euro
socks and more take a look

in question just ask
^ ^
even at asking price
I do not Bite^^


on the end my wtb^^

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, metamorphose
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