fynn_fish (fynn_fish) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: My Wishlist!! ETC, IW, AP! Show me what you got!


-Until I have given you my paypal, don't assume that I have committed to buy anything.
-I'm not looking to spend a LOT on any single item (Would prefer to keep it 200 or less, willing to go more in some cases). I'm trying to fill my very small wardrobe (it's small and it depresses me, I need more variety!)
-My full wishlist is located HERE ! What I have displayed on this page is what I am seeking the most! I will look at items that are not on my wishlist (but are similar to what I am looking for) HOWEVER: Do not offer me any Sweet/OTT Sweet unless it is directly on my wishlist! (I WILL IGNORE YOU IF YOU DO). I'm not looking for anything that is mostly pink.
-I am also in the market for classic accessories like hats and such. No Jewelry please.
-No replicas please!

Thanks! :) Now on to the items I am seeking! (I'm not really sure how much anything goes for so please include a price you are looking for when you post! Thanks!)

(Will look at other colors for this one)

Also looking for the Polka dot JSK that came in the meta lucky packs recently.
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, emily temple cute, innocent world, metamorphose
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