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Lady Diana

!DS : Metamorphose shoes + an*tai*na* RHS

Hello girls !

Today, I'm selling two pair of shoes for a friend.
Here's her feedback page. And here's mine.

DS :

- they are from Metamorphose Crown Label
- gently used by the previous owner
- tried 10 seconds by her (just the time for her to see that they were too big)
- they seem almost new, no scratch (only the soles can show that shoes have been worn)
- they are dark pink, raspberry-coloured (previous owner said between burgundy and dark pink) (BTW, it is a quite rare colour.)
- three straps with little golden buckles on each of them.
- a lot of delicate details, little hearts here and there (on the straps for example), the loveliest part are the frills on the front with hearts cut inside
- they come with their box ans the tag of Crown Label.
- each shoe has its own bag in order to protect them from scratching inside the box, they are finally wrapped in tissue-paper.
- size L (39 in Europe I guess)
she bought them 70€ so I would like to sell them 60€ shipping included for France, other country please ask! =)
SOLD, thanks !

- bought in february
- come from TaoBao shop an*tai*na*
- new, only tried 10 seconds, just the time for her to realize they are too big
- BTW, they came with a little something on the front of one shoe, I don't know what... I tried to take a picture just in case (ask fot photos)
- bought for a 24/24.5 but they are more a 25/25.5 .(so L or 39 I guess)
- platform at the back is: 9cm at the higher part ; platform on the front is 7.5cm on the lower part.
- two nice bows with a flower that you can put on, or you can even wear only the flower since it is detachable
- these bows have never been attached since I didn't want to leave any mark on the shoes.
- she bought them 60€, and if it is possible, I would love to sell them for 50€, shipping in for France (other country please ask! =D)
SOLD, thanks !

My friend gave me plenty of other photos, so feel free to ask if you want more (^_^) !

Happy shopping ;D !

Bye !
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