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DS/DT Bodyline and Offbrand

 Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
I have a couple of items for sale or trade.
Priority will be given to whoever leaves their paypal address first.
I ship from the UK.
Prices DO NOT include shipping.
Prices are in GBP.

I can take more photos/measurements on request.

Don't be afraid to make offers, the worst I  can say is no thankyou :)

My feedback on EGLFB, my profile and eBay.

Bodyline Headbow £10

Black bow with white and black lace, and black ribbon.
Has wire running through the long parts so that it can be styled in different ways.
The bow itself can also be moved along the headband.

Offbrand bloomers £10

These will fit a UK size 8.
They appear to be made out of a satin type material, though I am unsure what it is.

Thankyou for looking, any questions please ask.
Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, offbrand
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