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DT/DS: From Moitie to Angelic Pretty to Alice and The Pirates and BTSSB

Important, please read:
-I accept paypal
-I accept payment plans
-All prices are negotiable, please make an offer.
-If there are more than one person interested in an item, I am accepting best offer.
-I will keep you in line only if you leave your paypal address.
-Shipping for outside of USA:
JSKs: Depends on the weight
Skirts: Depends on the weight
If you do not want EMS (tracked, insured for $100) all responsibility is yours.
-If you want insurance/delivery confirmation/tracking please tell me.
-All prices are excluding paypal fees unless I said otherwise.
-Items comes from non-smoking and no-pet environment.
-If you miss your payments while you are on payment plan, after the 3rd miss I have the right to assume that you went MIA on me & thus sell the item(s) to someone else.
-Please do not waste my time, if you don't want the item anymore, please inform me so I know.
-No backing out allowed, once I invoice you I will wait for 12 hours before going to the next interested buyer (I will leave you a negative feedback if you leave me hanging without explanation after I invoice you.)
-If there is ever a problem please inform me so we can work something out :D
-I have every right to refuse a sale if I do not feel comfortable with going with it (ex. you have more than 5 negative feedbacks, etc)
Feedback: HERE
EGL feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/532300.html

Holy Queen JSK

It has elastic for both the upper bust and the waist so its more free size.
Trade: The skirt version or other items on my list.
Sale: PM me your best offer.

Cathedral Print JSK


Size 2: 91cm length, 82cm bust
Trade: The skirt version or other items on my list.
Sale: PM me your best offer.


Alice and the Pirates Beauty and the Rose Promise Print OP Set with headbow

Beauty and the Rose Promise柄ワンピース

Measurements: 95cm length, 35cm shoulder width, 90cm bust, 73cm waist, 21cm sleeve length
$280 $250 WITH the headbow included (headbow itself is $50 shipped, brand new never worn), this is already reduced price but I MIGHT accept best offer.
Price is lowered by a lot since I cut the inside scratchy tulle from the OP and there is a small puckering (I got it from AATP already like that, you can see in the proof picture,) the price is really good for a set (It comes with the headbow, I rather not split the set)
Trade: with the JSK version in black or blue or maybe red, I will add $60 with it or partial trade with the skirt (preferable)

Cinderella Jewelry Print JSK II

Cinderella Jewelry柄ジャンパースカートⅡ

Brand new never worn
Measurements: 92cm length, 90~96cm bust, 70~76cm waist
Trade or Best Offer.


Milky Planet JSK with headbow


Measurements: Measurements: 84.5cm + 3.5cm (lace) length, 86cm bust, 68cm waist
Trade with the yellow or black one or other items.
Sale: Best offer.




Melty Chocolate OP


Measurements: 84.5cm + 3.5cm (lace) length, 37cm shoulder width, 91cm bust, 71cm waist, 18cm sleeve length, 30cm cuff
Trade or Best Offer.


Memorial Cake Chest Frill JSK


Measurements: 84cm + 5cm (frill) length, 87~100cm bust, 68~81cm waist
Trade with the black version or other things in my list or best offer


Lady Rose Mini Sleeve JSK


Measurements: 86cm + 3cm (lace) length, 90~100cm bust, 70~80cm waist
Trade with the other JSK version in black or white or trade with other items on my list.


Wonder Party Bustier Style JSK

Wonder Partyビスチェ風ジャンパースカート

Measurements: 87.5cm + 3.5cm (lace) length, 90cm bust, 70cm waist, 28cm cuff
Trade with the black version or other items on my list or best offer.


Jewelry Jelly Skirt


Measurements: 46cm + 4cm (lace) length, 68~73cm waist
Trade with other items on my list or best offer.


AP Hoodie and Dot Tulle Skirt
Make me an offer for either each or both items (if you buy both together I will give you discount)
or trade.
AP hoodie and skirt (3)

Trade list:
Masquerade Theater (JSK or OP)-Navy or Black or Red
Vampire Requiem (Long or Short JSK)-Red or Black
Queen's Coach (OP)-Black or Red
Moitie-black or blue is preferred:
Iron Gate (Skirt or JSK or OP)
Church Gate JSK
Holy Queen Skirt
Cathedral Skirt
Holy Stained Glass (Skirt or JSK)
Ritual Print (Skirt or JSK)
Silent Moon (Skirt or JSK)
Juliette et Justine:
La vie D'aristocrate Robe or Jupe
La Éclairer du Croix Robe or Jupe
Le Premier Cri de Prophète Robe or Jupe
Chess Chocolate (Skirt or Bustier)
Holy Night Story Military JSK in red or maybe black
Aqua Princess Bustier JSK
All of my proof pictures:
Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, moi-meme-moitie

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