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DS: Closet Cleaning

My Feedback

-Paypal only.
-I have a cat, and ferrets. They don't get near my lolita items but the stray cat hair is a possibility.
-Must pay within 24 hours.
-Holds only accepted with 20% non-refundable deposit.
-Price includes shipping where stated, otherwise ask about shipping. Sometimes shipping is the same for outside US, mostly on smaller items. Just ask!
-For shipping to Italy: You must either purchase EMS shipping or pay via gift.
-Measurements are taken by an amateur, I do my best, but ask further questions if needed.
-First to inquire about an item has preference, but you must be quick to respond or I'll give it to first to post paypal info. Best offer gets preference as long as I haven't invoiced the first person.
-No trades.
-Will do local pick-ups.
-Shipping will be Monday or Tuesday.

Please make an offer if you don't like the price.

AP Special Set Colorful Ribbons Candy Treat JSK in Pink - SOLD
Link to Hellolace
Bought new. Perfect condition. Turned barrette in to a headbow though. Headband color matches perfectly, clip was neatly cut off, and included will be the barrette clip and photos of how it looked before being cut if you wish to sew it back on. About 80cm bust, fully shirred back.

BtSSB Little Cat Bouquet JSK in Wine - $200 shipped in US

Optional items to buy with this dress
Close up of bow
Link to Hellolace
Bought new, perfect condition. Beautiful wine color dress, wonderful around the holidays. About 85cm bust with lacing and shirring in back to fit many sizes. Feel free to ask about your specific size.Pictures is a coordinate and some accessories I'm only selling to the buyer of this dress since they match perfectly. Everything was bought new and lightly worn. Socks have some stains of soles from new shoes rubbing off. Both creams are a yellowing BtSSB cream.
BtSSB Wine Headbow - $40
BtSSB Cream Blouse w/ detachable sleeves (94cm bust, fits an 80cm well) - $100
BtSSB Cream Knee high socks - $30

AP Colorful Drop OP RedxPink $120 Shipped in US

Link to Hellolace
30" Waist 34" Bust
Fun AP dress. There was some damage I found way after I bought it (and before wearing it). It's all shown in photos. The side seam is slightly stretched. One button for the waist-ties has torn the fabric some and was resewn on. When taking photos (never before) I noticed there was a seam line that looked like the dress was taken in once but then let back out. Also there is a small stain on the front.

AP Red Macaron Hoodie - SOLD
Highlighter stain
Good condition other than stated flaws. Bought with highlighter stain, tried to wash it out, got some of it out but made the hoodie bleed in to the lace. Picture shows the pinkish tint pretty well. Some fraying on ribbon on pocket. 85cm bust, stretches some.

AP Black Cutsew SOLD
32" bust 28" waist. These are unstretched. I know it can comfortably stretch past 34"/30"
Great condition AP cutsew.

BtSSB Pink Bolero - $50 Shipped in US

Bought from comm_sales. Not sure if previous owner wore it but I never have. Looks new. 80cm bust, Can go a little higher since bust is not at buttons, but should be worn a little loose.

BtSSB White Cherry Bolero - SOLD
85cm bust. Stretches some. Perfect condition.

BtSSB Pink Bunny Cutsew - $55 Shipped in US

Detachable sleeves. Good condition, shows light wear.
Bust is 34" Stretchy, should be worn loose, but that's your choice.

AP Red Purse - SOLD
Has inner pocket you can zip. Received with strap broken, details in picture.

Bodyline Brown Shoes - $60 shipped in US

Front Left
Back Right
Bodyline size 25, but is 25.5cm/LL. Never worn out of house, but got minor scuffing/scratches from storage.

Bodyline Yellow Shoes - $22 Shipped in US

Never used, bought wrong size. Size 26cm.


Detail on brown
Left to right:
AP Miracle Candy OTK Socks. 3/5 condition, shows wear. $35 Shipped in US
BtSSB Pink Socks. Piling, light stains on soles. $20 shipped in US
AP Lavender Socks. Worn once, great condition. SOLD
Blue/Pink AP socks. Shows light wear. $30 shipped in US
Deer SS replicas. Light wear. $14 shipped in US
Strawberry SS replicas. Shows light wear. $14 shipped in US
Brown SS Socks. Shows light wear. (details in picture) $12 shipped in US

BtSSB Plastic Head Bow - SOLD
Good condition. Previous owner was able to capture some minor scuffing on camera, I could not. It's not noticeable.


Ring comparison
AP Candy Brooch. $45 shipped in US
AP Lavender Shy Bear Necklace 1st release. SOLD
AP Lavender Present Box Ring. Bought two on accident, realized one has part of the plastic ribbon broken off. Comparison shown in picture, selling broken ring. $25 shipped in US
IW Bear Brooch - $26 shipped in US

Please make an offer if you don't like the price. I don't always know what these things will sell for.

Things I want to buy

Thanks for looking!
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