Mog (nocilla) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Bodyline blouse and socks

 · This is my feedback page. I know I don't have any feedback from EGL, but I guess there's no problem since you are the seller.

· No trades.

· PayPal only. Once we reach an agreement, I'll pay in less than 24h. I want no holds, but please give me a few days in case I get other offers.

· Please include shipping to Spain in your price, or tell me about the different options.

· I'll request a pic/scan of the actual shipping invoice once the item has ben shipped.

· Please provide pics of the actual item, along with detailed info.


I decided not to purchase directly from BL online shop without checking other options first, since the shipping costs are really high and I don't wanna wait for 3 months for the items to arrive. This is what I had in mind, but I'm willing to consider different items if they're similar enough:
 BL  blouse L373 (white)
BL socks 365 (only interested in NWT or worn once)
What I'm looking for is something that matches my white Wonder Cookie JSK, so any suggestions different from what I chose are welcome.
Thanks for reading (:
Tags: !wtb, bodyline
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