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DS: F+F Plaid JSK, Offbrand Gothic Mary Janes

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Payment can be made via Paypal (fees on me) or bank transfer (EU only)
Shipping: I ship from Germany. Shipping costs as follows:
- Germany: 4,90€ insured, 3,90€ uninsured*
- EU: 17€ insured, 8,60€ uninsured*
- Rest of Europe: 30€ insured
- Rest of the World: 35€ insured

* Uninsured shipment is only an option for payments made via bank transfer as I do not want to be held responsible by Paypal for any losses. I am sorry German DHL is so freaking expensive :(

Experience has taught me not to do any holds, first come, first serve. Please bear that in mind.

F+F Plaid JSK
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Bust: 89cm
Waist: 70cm
Total length: 104cm
The fabric has a bit off give but I suggest you do not exceed the measurements very much. The waist can be tightened with the matching belt. The applique on the skirt shows a bunny with card symbols. It is flocky, just like the other black parts on the dress.

This JSK was worn a few times but it is in great condition and has no flaws. I added the big heart button to the bow on the upper part. It can  easily be removed if you  please.

Price: 50€ OBO

Offbrand Gothic Mary Janes
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Size EU 42 / 25,5cm
Heel: 9,5cm
Platform: 3cm

Price: 20€ OBO

These shows were worn about three times before I could finally admit they were just too big for me. They come the chains and cross charms you can see in the picture. The chains can also be detached if you wish.
As they had been in use they have some scuffs, which are barely noticeable when you wear them, though.
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Feel free to make offers and thanks for reading ♥
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