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DS/DT] ETC( reposted after 4 weeks), VM op, AATP bag

1. my feedback is here :
and I've got some positive feedbacks on EGL DB :
2. shipping is basically trackable airmail.
it usually takes 5~8 working days from korea to US or Europe.
3. I'm not good at english. sorry!

ETC lace & cookies OP (mint)

1. meassurements(max) :
bust: 92cm
waist: 74cm
length: 90cm (from shoulder to end of the skirt)
(side zipper closure)

I bought this dress at closet-child and there was no spring left in shoulder rubber band when I purchased this dress. I think it's because this dress had been hanged so long time. (arm rubber bands are still elastic)
I feel comfortable on shoulder because of this condition (not tightened).

and there was no charm too.
I don't care about the charm, I cor-ordinated with ribbon belt included.

without that, it's in good condition. no particular stains or defects.
home cleaned but not ironed.
included detachable ribbon belt (coordinated)

175USD (included world wide shipping and paypal fee)

4. official photo

5. Proof of ownership


print close-up :

VM dorothy doll OP (black)

1. meassurements(max) :
bust: 88cm
waist: 68cm

I bought this dress second-hand 3~4 years ago, and I think this is the first virsion of Dorothy Doll series, earlier than BETH version. it's measurements is smaller than 2010 ver. or BETH ver.
 I loved this gorgeous dress so much but now it doesn't fit me anymore (T_T)
I know It is really  "used" condition. there is some yellowing under the neck (only on lining) and you can see the zipper on the back! (so I down the price......)
but it's still in good condition.
and there was no original neck ribbon so I added cotton satin ribbon

155USD (included world wide shipping and paypal fee)

4. official photo

(2010 ver.)

5. Proof of ownership

AATP crown bag

1. measurements
length : 20 cm
width : 22.5 cm
base width : 13 cm

2. condition
I bought this bag second-hand (I heard the former owner bought at laforet (harajuku) and she and I used not so many times. (I only used this bag twice!) I think this bag is really gorgeous but too much gothic for me.

also, I think BTSSB was made the HOUSE bag with same pattern. you can also find more information about BTSSB's house bag at

It's in good condition and there was no particular stains or defects

3. prices
175USD (included world wide shipping and paypal fee)

4. Proof of ownership
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