Anya (_lovegood) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DA Reminder : AatP 1st edition Operetta Bouquet JSK in green

Hello !!

Just to remind those who might be interested, the auction for my AatP1st edition Operetta Bouquet JSK in green will end tonight at 11PM, Paris time !

It is a wonderful dress hardly seen on sale and it looks much more elegant than the second edition because its ribbons are made of velvet, not satin like the second edition !
Please proceed here :

The BIN price has been lowered, it was very high at the beginning to give everybody the chance to bid on the dress.
Insurance up to 150€ (worth 5,30€) will be offered with the shipping of the dress for every country !
Payment plans are accepted but we must discuss the terms before you bid please !
I won't accept any bid made by PM after 15 minutes before the end of the auction. Please comment if you want to bid !
Tags: !da, alice and the pirates
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