Akaana (akaanika) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB! Split wig, Short Sleeved Blouse/ WTC! Apron

I'm looking for this wig:

Also a blouse. Not a specific one just one that fit's these requirements:
-Rounded Collar
-No ruffles on the front
-Short Sleeved
-(at least partially) Lace up back
Doesn't need to be a blouse with the ruffle around the bottom so it an look good not tucked in but that would be appreciated!

And my Want to Commission is for an apron. I'll be taking a cooking class next year and will be wearing lolita. I don't want to have to compromise so I would love it if I could commission one of you seamstresses to make me an apron.
I would want it to cover the full front half of the skirt if possible, or as close to that as you can. And have a top half as well to cover up my blouse and all. A pocket would be useful as well. Pintucking around the bottom would be nice but I wouldn't want any lace. Further details will be added if you are willing. Thank you!
This is my feedback link: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/697111.html
Tags: !wtb, !wtc
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