Hakai (hakai_kun) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS/T: h.Naoto and Putumayo shirts/jacket

Putumayo Jacket: $60
Length: 24"
Pretty warm double-lined jacket/parka from Putumayo. It has a double zipper in the front and same style print in the back. The detachable fur on the hoodie is a little flat after having been in the wash but is still in fairly good condition.

h.Anachryism hoodie: $55
Length: 24"
Width/Bust: 17" (flat)
Well-made deconstructed h.Naoto hoodie. There is a nice "chain" detailing between the strips.
The front reads;
Move Over
You can't hide all your fears inside
They won't protect you Some are cruel
But not everyon Please don't go

Splatter Tank: $30
Length: 23"
Width/Bust 16"
It was sold to me as h.Naoto, but as there is no tag, I can't be sure. But I have owned another tank with the same print that *did* have a tag, so I'm not sure if the previous owner lost or removed it?? Regardless, it is a great tank and very easy to coordinate. The back also has splatters and wording at the top.

Will possibly trade or partial trade for 'casual' Peace Now/BPN or Putumayo

eBay feedback
egl feedback

Any form of Paypal is accepted
All prices are in USD

I would prefer to ship within the US, but International is okay too.
Please let me know your location for a shipping quote. Also let me know what type of shipping you would prefer (1st class or priority) Heavier items are recommended to ship flat rate Priority
Inquire about insurance if you would like it. I cannot be held responsible for your items after they have been shipped.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm open to reasonable negotiations. Thank you~ X3

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