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DS, DT, WTB Baby, Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, Aatp, Offbrand

  • Rules of engagement
  • Feedback: Here
  • No pp fees
  • Shipping is not included
  • I ship flat rate for the most part, so please be aware
  • Everything is OBO, but I will wait 24 hours
  • I reserve the right to not sell to certain people based on FB
  • Dropping paypal does NOT guarantee you the item
  • I ship as early as I can, but I am working full time now, and may not have time, so ship next day, so please be aware
  • I will notify you of when I expect to ship
  • No holds, unless you are my friend :)
  • Priority goes to those in the US, sorry, but shipping overseas is a bit difficult and expensive if I want to protect you and me
(1-3)Banni Rabbit Pochette: Price 25 USD each Condition: Basically new, worn very little, about once each. In great condition 1.)BRP  Dark Pink 2.BRP ) Pink x White dots - SOLD 3.) BRP White x Pink dots  - SOLD 4.)  Lace Residence AP replica bag: 35 USD - SOLD Condition: Worn a few times. Good condition. No scratches or noticeable wear 5.) Aatp Ivory Headress: 20 USD - SOLD Condition: Bought used. Slight yellowing of neck ties. Good condition. It matches VR. Worn about 2 times over a wig. 6.) Claire's Black x White stripped socks. Price 4 USD - sold Condition:  Washed. Worn a few times. Pilling at heels 7.) Bodyline Red Fuzzy Beret Price 1 USD - SOLD Condition: Good,worn a few times. I recommend regular to small heads XD (8-10.) Chocomint Hair accesories Condition: NEW 8.) Clear fuzzy ball - Price 3USD - SOLD 9.) Plastic bow - Price 4USD - SOLD 10.) Small Pear Beret Clip - Price 2 USD 11.)Btssb Sweet Cookie Alice Head bow  Price: 30 USD Condition: Never worn, looks used, in great condition. I really want this to go to a good home as it is very old. (12-13) Chocomint Body Accesories Condition: New 12.) Cupcake Necklace - 6USD 13.) Pink and Yellow bracelet - 4 USD (14-15) Chocomint Cellphone straps 14.) Ice cream - 3 USD 15.) Donut - 3 USD 16.) Random Hair Accessories - Free with any purchase over 10 USD, but please say if you want it 17.) Angelic Pretty Shoes 60 USD Size L Condition: Worn twice, slight marking  ( I've not tried hard to get it out), bought from Clobbao Color: Blue 18.) Antainai Red shoes 40 USD Size (M/L) can fit L, but may be a bit snug, will have room if M (39 and stretched professionally) WTB/ DT AP Ichigo Mille-feuille Skirt in Mint or Red, preferably mint Baby Maria Antonio in Navy Meta Candy Star Rabbit Head bow in Navy Brand Red or Pink purse Condition: Worn a few times, in good condition.
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, chocomint, offbrand
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