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DS: Small AP and Btssb items, loris bag

FEEDBACK: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/249675.html

-The prices include shipping within the US. I usually ship priority for heavier items, and first-class for light items. International postage will be a little extra
-Paypal only please. Payment must be made within 24 hours of invoice or item will go to next buyer
- Everything is OBO, if no one has offered for a few days I most likely will be willing to lower the price, so let me know your offer!

BtssbxHello Kitty Note Pads
Set of three. The bottom row is an example of each page. I found these in my drawer and I've only used a few sheets of each note pad. I bought them a few years ago from Baby and they're still in great shape. They are around 2.5x2.5in big.
PRICE: $11 shipped OBO

SOLDBtssb Hair Pins
I got these in a LP a few years back and haven't really used them. The silver colored one is pretty tarnished, but it's just been sitting in my jewelry box. I'm not sure if it can be cleaned up, but it doesn't look too bad when worn. The other two are in great condition though.
PRICE: $15 shipped OBO

SOLDAngelic Pretty Gloves
I got these recently in a set but have no use for them, it never gets cold enough in FL to use them. They are pretty old, and have the crown tag in them. But are still in good wearable condition. There are no tares or stains, they have a slight worn feeling but still have a lot of life left.
PRICE: $15 shipped OBO

SOLDAngelic Pretty Honey Bear Ring
Brand new, I think I have the tags somewhere and will include them if I find them. I just got the necklace so I have no use for it anymore.
PRICE: $35 shipped OBO

SOLDLoris Bag
Purchased new, used a few times, still in excellent condition. No stains or tares.
PRICE: $30 shipped in a box OBO

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, offbrand
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