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DS: Closet cleaning part 2!



I still have few lolita items for sale that I need to get rid off.
If you think the price isn't right, feel free to haggle.
My feedback page: 


- Paypal only
- All fees aren´t included in the prices
- Currency is EURO!
- If you need few days to pay, please inform me when commenting.
- I will ship within a week I have received the payment (Usually I ship the next day, but sometimes I'm too busy ^^;)
- I'm not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen packages by post office. Choose tracking or insurence, if you feel scared or anything.
-Shipping calculed to the post office
- All sales are final, no returns.
- NO BACKING OUT ALLOWED. It will lead to negative feedback.
-Seriously buyers please



·Cutsew and blouses

Handmade blouse:

Size: 75 cm (bust)

Price: 10€



Taobao blouse:

Size: 86cm (bust) 78cm (waist)

Price: 15€


Offbrand red blouse:

Size: 75-80cm (bust)

Price: 10€


Offbrand cutsew with bag

Size: 75-80cm (bust)

Price: 15€




Set blouse and skirt:

Size blouse: 75-80cm (bust) have a little corset behind

Size skirt: 80-85cm (waist)

Price: 45€



Putumayo replica cat window

Size: 75-85cm (waist)

Price: 40€


Handmade alice skirt

Size: 80-85cm (waist)

Price: 20€



Offbrand socks:



Gothic Lolita bag

Price: 20€



Size: 37eur

Price: 25€


BL shoes

Size: 23.5cm

Price: 25€


BL heart shoes

Size: 23cm

Price: 30€


Metamorphose gingaw cherry:



Handmade tartan headbow



Gothic lolita headband




1.Necklace 3€

2.Headress 6€

3. Mini-bow pink: 3€

4.Mini-bow blue: 3€

5.Hello kitty: 2€

6.Hairclamp HK: 3€

7.Hairclamp HK: 5€

8.Brooch handmade: 4€

9.Brooch tartan: 3€

10. Bracelet HK: 2€

11.Black and whithe hairclamp: 1€

12.Pink hairclamp. 1€

13.Purse HK: 2€


1.Hairclamp white and black: 2€

2.Caramel bracelet: 2€

3.Strawberry bracelet: 2€

4.Brooch key: 3€

5.Strawberry ring: 3€

6.Brooch poker: 2€

7.Brooch punk: 2€

8.Necklace strawberry: 4€

9.Brooch crown: 2€

10. Hairclamp strawberry: 6€

11.Strawberry: 4€

12.Hairclamp strawberry: 3€

13.Haiclamp red flower: 5€


And my older sales:

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