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DS: Sweet jewelry from Vanillas Traumfabrik

Hello my sweet Lolita girls!

This handmade sweet jewelry are all for sale.
Most of the Fimo-ones are unique and of course - everything is new :)
My Feedback:
Please take bank transfer in europe, if it ist possible to avoid fees.
Worldwide is paypal the best way, of course. Please add 3% fees for paypal!

Do you have any question?
Write an email ~> vanillastraumfabrik [at] or a pm here

All prices are without shipping so here are the prices for ...
Shipping & Handling:
Germany: Warensendung 1€
Worldwide: 4€

Icecone-Necklaces 6€
1. 2. 3. 4.  5.

Oreo-Cookie-Necklaces (white [the left one] or pink [the right one] cream) 5€

Teaspoon-Necklaces 6,50€
1.  2.

Rings 4,50€
1. 2.

3.  4.

Hugs & Kisses


As always - Have a look:
My onlineshop
~ Vanillas Traumfabrik

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