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DS: Final Reductions!


Measurements are taken with garments laying flat
US buyers preferred/have priority! However, if you are international and are seriously interested, add $10 to the price to cover the overseas shipping
My home is smoke free, but I do have one cat
Sorry, but no returns


1. Fan Plus Friend blouse and skirt set

stock pic:

blouse without detachable cravat:

blouse back:

with cravat:

skirt front:

skirt back:

$40 shipped
- blouse measurements:
Arms: 24"
Waist: 26" and can be adjusted with corset lacing
Bust: about 32"
- skirt measurements:
Waist: 23" with detachable waist ties
Length: 21"

2. Tripp corset top


$12.80 shipped
Arms: 27" (the frills go over the hands)
Closed waist: 23" Open waist: 26"
Bust: 32"
Size: Small

3. Black lace gothic/aristo skirt

back, shows the ruffles:

lace detail:

detail on the front:

$16 shipped
Waist: 26"
Hips: 29"
Length: 24 1/2"

4. XOXO white blouse

small stain underneath a cuff. the stain is not visible when the cuff is folded up:

ruffle detail:

$7 shipped
Arms: 24"
Waist: 28"

Thank you for looking!!

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