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DS: Angelic Pretty pink Lucky Pack dress, black GL dress. DT: Sugary Carnival

Hi ^^,

* Shipping is not included in the price
* Payment method: Paypal only please
* If you live outside Europe, I will ship to you, but shipping will be more expensively.
* I live in France.
* My feedbacks are here:
* Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack Winter 2010

I bought it on CC, it is still in a good condition but it is not new! I ask 110 dollar only ♥.

Sugary Carnival OP Lavander worn only 2 time! (release)
TRADE (or partial trade) FOR THE JSK! (but i take offer for other trade)



Gothic lolita dress:

I bought this dress last winter to the shop Harajuku in Paris, it is my first dress lolita... I sell it because it is not any more my style. It is really good quality. It was worn few times but it stays in very good state! The lace is very attractive.
It price in shop was 240 dollar, I ask 125 dollar!

AP socks, Whip Cherry Berry mint
Worn only one time. News.
Make me an offer!
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