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WTB: AP socks, WTT: DOL SC rep skirt, DS: AP bag, PLUS SIZE cutsew, etc

*In the UK 
*I'll look at most things for trade! =^,^=
*ask me as many questions as you like!
*Please feel free to offer me anything on my wtb list or anything besides! (see my journal)
*i accept paypal only, sorry!
* i do not take responsibility for any packages once they leave my hands. I will always use recorded delivery, so it must be signed for.
*prices are in USD
*first person to leave their paypal address, offering to pay the full price gets the item.
*i have 2 kitties but my clothes are stored in a wardrobe. i can not guarantee that there will be no traces (for those with allergies).
*all items are clean.

*** i'm going on holiday over the weekend so will not be able to respond or ship out until 9th August!!! Sorry! ***


First of all i would like to buy these AP socks...

1. AP Twinkle Star in pink x yellow
2.AP Wrapping Ribbon in lavender x pink or sax x pink
3. AP Star Shower in yellow


I would also like to trade this DOL SC replica skirt for another one in the same colour but a larger size. If anyone has one i would be very interested. I would also look at buying if you don't wish to trade. It's
a waist: 64cm - 78cm and length: 52cm.


Angelic Pretty Milky Dot JSK  and headbow in pink $260 shipped worldwide SOLD!
Only tried on. It doesn't fit me properly at all. 78cm + 5cm (frill) length, 88~120cm bust, 75~110cm waist
Probably not advisable for busts over 110 cm really. ^_^

When it arrived from the seller, i noticed one of the straps had been sewn in twisted. it looks fine but it means that the lace faces the same direction on both shoulder straps. (see below) you could unpick and resew it (very quick job) if you wanted to. I've taken $10 off the price due to this.

Rose Melody Rose Aroma Skirt $60 shipped worldwide ON HOLD!

Only tried on. Been sitting in my wardrobe ever since. Waist-110cm (no shirring), length 55cm

Fairy Gothmother Burlesque style pants Size L $15 shipped worldwide

Brand new. 66-100cm hip.

Angelic Prretty Poodle bag in red - $45 shipped worldwide

Used a few times. No noticable marks, scratches or discolouration.

Offbrand Pink cutsew - $20 shipped worldwide

Never worn by me. Bought from the comm. 100-110cm bust, 92-102cm waist and 43cm long.

Offbrand Black petti - $12 shipped worldwide SOLD

Came with the most disgusting satin bloomers attathed to the inside. I cut them out but then ended up never wearing it as it was just too shirt for my liking. 70- 106cm waist and 34cm long.

Thanks for looking!   =^.^=
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