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WTB: Dream Sky or other star print skirts, DS: Reduced blouse

~ I need everything gone, so feel free to make an offer.
~ More pictures/measurements are available by request. Please don't ask unless you're interested in buying.
~ I do have a cat, but she's kept away from my clothes, and all items are thoroughly checked for hair before sending.
~ All previous sales have been shipped!
~ My feedback is here.

Want To Buy

I'm interested in buying the Angelic Pretty Dream Sky skirt in black or navy. Black is my first choice and will get priority, but I also love the navy colorway.

I'll look at any skirts with star prints or motifs - I think AP released another one, and possibly AatP, if I'm remembering right, but if it's got stars, I don't care about brand. Across the board, though, only skirts, please. I'm not interested in JSKs or OPs.

Other starry prints I love:
AatP Constellation/Horoscope print - will consider underbust JSK too
AatP Star Flocky
AP Twinkle Star

I'll look at accessories, too, if they go with the skirt :D

Direct Sale

Taobao White High Neck Blouse


I've forgotten which Taobao brand this is. I'm the second owner, but it arrived brand new in package. Has only been tried on once. I'd recommend this for a max 34" bust and 28" waist. Really gorgeous, but too small for me.

$30 before shipping $25 including shipping and fees in the U.S.
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, taobao
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