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WTB: Massive sweets list of AP, Baby, meta, MM and SS


Ok so I'm reating myself to something special and I was hoping some of you may be able to help with locating any of the mentioned. Anything in bold is a highly sought item and I'm willing to let you set a resonable price without haggling on my side. Reasonable being, do not ask for $500 for a skirt currently going for $60 or something.

I'm looking to add yellow, mint and lavendar to my wardrobe so if you have something that you believe might be to my tastes ( frilly and sweet looking) please post them anyways! This extends to all jsk, op, accessories and shoes and is not limited to brand. Bodyline, Taobao as well as handmade are acceptable.

Ribbon decoration jsk in pink
Chess chocolate jsk in any colour except brown
Fantastic dolly jsk in pink
Dreamy dollhouse switching jsk in pink
Wonder party halter neck jsk in pink/sax
Gingham Marguerite halterneck jsk in pink or sax
Lovely ribbon gignham jsk in lavender
Little bear's cafe in pink
Carnival wappen jsk in mint
Gingham frill op in pink, mint or lavender
Frill ribbon low waist jsk in all colours except black
Milky berry halterneck in mint
Powder rose switching ribbon jsk in yellow
Angel tiered jsk in lavdender, pink and mint
Fancy melody jsk in pink or red

looking for pink, lavender, white and sax socks with subtle patterns and motifs so...no candy or carasel horses but stars, hearts, stripes, roses etc.

Noonlight night op in black
Dreaming garden bow in yellow

Ribbon Ribbon op in white
Spring princess op in any colour
Paris window op in any colour bar black

SS shoes
I'm looking for pink, white, lavender and yellow secret shop shoes in size small. No open toes and no teaparties. Boots accepted.

I don't know the name of this dress but I do know it's Mary Magdalene. I want it in this colourway and I'm offering $400 plus shipping

Also looking for the strawberry op by mew in yellow

Feedback is here http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/616441.html 

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, mary magdalene, metamorphose, secret shop
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