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[DS] Meta Lucky pack items and offbrand


Well, since I got a few things on my lucky pack that doesn't really apeal to my taste (xD) I thpugh that it would be better to to sell them to someone that would like them than to let them make a collection of dust in my closet suffering with lack of love.... ^_^


Prices do NOT include shipping but i will think about offers


the owly is my prof :)

feedback here:

Lucky Pack Items

Pink Headband 30€

White Chiffon Shirt 80€

I'll post a few things I had in my closet that i don't really use.... so they'll need love as well u.u

Primark Red Socks 5€

Primark Black Socks 5€

Primark hairclips and Offbrand earings 2€ each

Bodyline musical dress 30€


It doesn't have the owl but i will provide more photos on request :)

I love this dress but sadly its too short for me...
I'm an M and have 1.65 height and it's a bit tight for me at the bust and the skirt is a little short... so i recomend it only for pettit girls...
It was worn twice at max and none of them for a long time...

ATENTION: i do own a cat and i try to keep him out of my closet but he sometimes sneaks in.... the items for sale are stored away from him but still i wont guarantee they are fur free... you have been warned u.u

thanks :)
Tags: bodyline, metamorphose, offbrand
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