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DT/S: BTSSB Red Shirring Jsk, Shiro BTSSB Bolero, Sexpot Replica Cardigan

My egl feedback page is here. 100% positive!

I no longer charge Paypal fees.

 Shipping not included. Willing to combine shipping for multiple items. I am shipping via USPS from Washington, USA. I'm not responsible for items once they are mailed. If you want tracking and/or insurance, please ask.

Ah, and I am working now, so please allow 5 days at most for me to ship out (or find someone to help me out).

No refunds or returns.

I'm looking for items from h.naoto "gouk" and other loli things. Details allll at the bottom of this post. The best way to describe what I'm looking for is something on my wishlist or something like it!

I'm picky, but not... xD So please offer if you're not sure!

Willing to trade:

Sold! BTSSB Red Princess Shirring Jsk.

There it is (alone and coordinated). I received it new with tags attached and have worn it twice with a blouse underneath. It remains in like new condition. Sale price TBD, just looking for trades right now.

Le sold, thank you! BTSSB shiro bolero, or sell for $55 USD + shipping.

Sexpot replica cardigan, or sell it for $20 + shipping. (It does have vulgarities.)

I'd love to trade for (please):

-h.Naoto's "gouk" brand. Dresses, cutsews, jewelry, bags, etc.

-or possibly a dress from h.Naoto's other brands (Gramm, Jelly, Honey, Seven, etc.)

(I may buy gouk jewelry straight out if the price is reasonable.)

- A monochromatic dress to match this h.Naoto choker.

- A beauty:beast bag. (pfff good luck)

- A HEART E Jsk or OP, especially if it is polkadotted.

-Other things from my wishlist:

That's all~ Here's to another shot in the dark trade post! ^^ Thanks for putting up with me.
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, any brand, baby the stars shine bright, h.naoto, heart e
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