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DS: Bodyline Shoes SOLD!

Hi, I bought some bodyline shoes a while ago and it turned out it was one size too big! (so close!) I try giving them to my sister but she wore it once and I guess she didn't like them. So here I am selling them.

Oringal price I paid (before japan shipping) was $37 so I suppose $20 USA is a fair price to give. (I looked back at my old receipts. At the current page, link below, the price was $25)

Shipping: I think I will add on price of shipping in second email/paypal transfer AFTER I have sent it out, so I know the exacte price (picture of USPS repice will be shown). From what I see online shipping ranges from $5 up to $11. Shipping is from NYC

Feedback (3+)

They are size 24.5 cm which is about size 8 US (I'm a 7.5 US in most American show brands)

Shoes have slight scuffs on them (pointed out in pictures), the bottom is worn a bit, I cleaned it as much as I could, and inside may have some powder left over (tried to clean powder out, sister wore powder, keeps smell good)

Original Bodyline sale page

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