Kawaii Factory (mykawaiifactory) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Kawaii Factory

DS: NEW dark brown/natural black curly pony tail clip hair extensions and fringe

Ships from Spain
International buyers welcome
Price in Euros (www.xe.com)
Price don't include shipping
Price don't include paypal fees
Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/892591.html



Care instructions:

1. Wash in cold or warm water.
2. Add a dash of Shampoo and wash gently.
3. Rinse throughly in cold water.
4. Do not brush when wet allow wig to drip dry.
5. Brush wig into desired style after it is completely dry.
6. Do not use curling irons, blow dryers, hot styling instruments or under sunshine.

Clip fringe 5€
NEW just tried on
Natural Black/Dark brown

Curly pony tail clip hair extension 10€ each
NEW just tried on
Natural Black/Dark brown

Only worn this time to see how it looks.

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